2020 OCWPC Family BBQ Recap + Photos


Wow! What an epic BBQ that was with you all! The weather was amazing, the place was packed and the vibes were right.

Thank you to all the families,  players, and coaches who turned out to make the day great – we couldn’t have done it without you all.

Huge thank you to Petar & Lada Asic for making it all happen.

“Where’s my player at?” A huge shout out to Frank Engleke for getting the BBQ food & crew together! Good food ’til the end, Frankie; thanks, man! Much thanks to Frank’s pirate crew of BBQers, Pat Baughman & Ryan Price, who chef’ed the day away; be on the lookout for Frankie and Gang on the next Chef’s Table.

We’ve got a ton of photos for you all from the BBQ – parent vs kid games, families + friends, athlete photos, coaches and that super huge photo of all the kids and coaches together (turned out amazing!!).

Big thanks to Jesse Brossa for photographing the athletes, coaches & team shots and coordinating our huge team photo – that was amazing! A big shout out to our other great photographers – Jeff Kuecker & John Mairs – who were roaming through the crowd, capturing the games, people & good vibes. Check out their photos here when you get a chance:

OCWPC 2020 BBQ, Games and Families – Jeff Kuecker


OCWPC 2020 BBQ, Games and Families – John Mairs


A huge thanks to Katherine & Don Thomas – it was Katherine’s idea to do the individual athlete head shots to raise money for the coaches and Don assisted with photos and set-up and kid wrangling all day. Big thanks to Christina and Thomas Harter for helping coordinate, schedule and collect money for the kids’ photos. Thanks to all the parents (Kristi Engleke, Frances Vangrin, Sara Kaltenbach, Hye Finley, Tara Hill) who helped sell vintage OCWPC gear and raise money for the club – you guys are the best! Thanks to John & Beth Pasion for helping with clean up at the end.

For everyone who came – thank you all for coming! For those that missed it – see you at the next one, or join us at the Golf Tournament on April 24th for more club goodness.

Hope you all enjoy the photos!




BBQing-With-Frank-2020_03 BBQing-With-Frank-2020_04 BBQing-With-Frank-2020_05 BBQing-With-Frank-2020_06 BBQing-With-Frank-2020_07 OCWPC-2020-Club-BBQ-John-Mairs_140 OCWPC-Club-Vibes-BBQ_1 OCWPC-Club-Vibes-BBQ_2 OCWPC-Club-Vibes-BBQ_3 OCWPC-Coaches-2020-BBQ OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_1 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_2 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_3 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_4 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_5 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_6 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_7 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_8 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_9 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_10 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_11 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_12 OCWPC-Parent-v-Kid-Games_13 OCWPC-Photography-BBQ-2020_1 OCWPC-Photography-BBQ-2020_2 OCWPC-Photography-BBQ-2020_3 OCWPC-Photography-BBQ-2020_4 OCWPC-Team-Photo_02 Vintage-OCWPC-Gear-at-2020-BBQ_1 Vintage-OCWPC-Gear-at-2020-BBQ_2


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